2014 Church Pictorial Directory

We started the photography for our church directory last week! If you did not book an appointment, then you can submit a family picture along with a $10.00 check payable to Life Touch Photography. This payment will entitle you to receive a directory. If you booked on-line you will receive via email a $10.00 certificate to apply towards any additional pictures. If you bring in canned goods for the poor, we will give you a $5.00 coupon to apply towards any purchase. If you were unable to book an appointment, and would still like one, contact a committee member and we will contact you if any cancellations occur. If you were unable to cancel an appointment and then rebooked another one, this will be a double booking. Only the committee members are able to cancel appointments and by double booking yourself this leaves others from booking. Please contact us soon.



Please plan on 45 minutes when your picture is taken. If you have any questions please contact a committee member. You can find their contact information in the bulletin.

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  1. James "Alex" Casteel

    I am to be confirmed at Easter and Father Rafael said it would be good to go ahead and get a picture made. Please let me know if there is a cancellation in which I can get my picture made.

    Best Regards,

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