Liturgical / Litúrgicos


“As every man has received the gift , even so minister the same one to another as a good steward of the grace of God (1 Peter 4:9-10)

A Greeters role during liturgy celebration is important. Greeters are “people persons”. Greeters are the first people parishioners encounter when attending a Liturgy celebration.

Greeters open doors, and help the elderly, help in seating arrangements, guide parishioners during the liturgy celebration and direct parents with very young children to the cry room.
Greeters serve the community and worship assembly with joy, dependability, kindness and reverence. They prepare the congregation for an uplifting participation in the sacred liturgy by welcoming them with open heart.
A Greeter Attributes: Friendly, Warmth, Patient, Kind, Cheerful, Enthusiastic, Cordial and Wholehearted attitude and behavior towards all. Use hospitality one to another without grudging, be fair, be consistent, be honest.


May the Lord be in my heart and on my lips
that I may worthily proclaim the good news of salvation.

The first step in preparation for your assignment at a liturgy should be prayer to the Holy Spirit for guidance that you will not only understand the Word of God but also be able to communicate God’s Word.

Please use your Workbook for Lectors and Gospel Readers or go online to to review the readings. It will help you to understand the readings and in turn help you to be a more powerful minister of God’s Word.

Practice both readings, out loud. Identify the type of passages you are to read – a story, a dialogue, a prophecy, a letter, a parable, a song. Ask a few questions:

Where is the climax?
What is the tone of the reading? (comforting, scolding, warning, information, intimate)
Pick out the most important sentence or phrase. Try to communicate it above all else.
Look up difficult words – their meaning and how to pronounce them. Your mission is to communicate meaning.

Let your facial expressions help you express the Scripture’s message. The voice is only one part of proclamation. Consider yourself a “proclaimer of the Word of God.” It is the skills of a proclaimer you will be learning and fine-tuning, not those of an actor, radio announcer, or toastmaster.


Dress properly/appropriately for the sacredness of the celebration. Appropriate attire is: suit/sport coat, shirt and tie for men and dress, suit or skirt and blouse for women. Readers are discouraged from wearing jeans, shorts, t-shirts or mini-skirts.
Be at church at least 20 minutes before Mass


TAKE YOUR TIME. Bow to the altar prior to approaching the ambo. When at the ambo, look around. If people are walking to their seats, WAIT. Look around and make eye contact with the congregation. When everyone is settled, begin with: “A reading from…”. Since you’ve practiced for several days, you know where the reading is from, so instead of reading it, look at the congregation and state the reading.

PROJECT YOUR VOICE, sound joyful, you are proclaiming the GOOD NEWS.

Use silence and pauses to maximize effectiveness. Maintain good posture at the ambo. Remember you are doing more than reading, you are proclaiming the Word of God.

If you stumble, literally or figuratively, just go on. Remember, the Holy Spirit is with you, and no one will notice if you don’t make an issue of a mistake.

The readings are the GOOD NEWS of God. Please smile or otherwise look happy to be reading the Word of God.

Thank the Holy Spirit for graces received.

Thank you for volunteering to be a Reader – an important liturgical ministry in the Church.

Volunteers are always welcomed to either ministry. Lynn Kress is the Coordinator for Liturgical Ministries contact her at or 770-834-8045