Requirements for the Sacrament of Baptism

  1. Be a registered member of OLPH for more than three months, or submit a letter from the Parish where you are a registered member. (C857-p2)
  2. Provide the birth certificate or hospital letter of the child.
  3. Name of the godparent(s).  If there are two godparents and they are married, they must be a man and a woman and have been married by the Catholic Church. (C873 & C874) In addition, at least one of the Godparents, according to the Canon Law of the Church, must be practicing Catholic who are above sixteen years old and have received the three sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Communion and Confirmation). If the child to be baptized is older than seven years old, the child will receive a complete catechesis prior to the baptism.(C97-2) A sponsor certificate is required for each Godparent. This should be requested by the Godparent at the Catholic Church that he or she is registered. This must be received by the parish office prior to scheduling the baptism.
  4. Attend baptism class or submit a letter from the parish where you attended the class.  The baptism class is on the third Saturday of every month at 9:00 am. Both parents and godparents need to attend a class. Please register prior to attending the class by contacting Deacon Chrys Harkins via email at The date of the baptism will be scheduled at the time of the consultation.
  5. Please prepare these questions in advance and be ready to discuss them during the classes

1. What is Baptism?
2. What is the meaning of Baptism?
3. What is the role of the parents?
4. What is the role of the sponsors?